Extendware Core Installation Error

Missing IonCube Dependency

IonCube needs to be installed on this server. Please follow the instructions in the Extendware Core installation.html file under the heading Checking for dependencies and the ioncube.html file that was included in the Extendware Core package. IonCube is free, easy to install, and usually your hosting provider will install it on your behalf if you do not have the expertise to install it. If you need installation help we also offer installation services.

Restoring Your Site

Until IonCube is installed you can restore your site following the following instructions:

  1. Delete all "Extendware" prefixed files in [Magento root]/app/etc
  2. Delete all "Extendware" prefixed files in [Magento root]/app/etc/modules
  3. Delete the file at [Magento root]/app/code/local/Varien/Autoload.php

Note: If the site is not restored after following these steps you will need to flush your Magento cache and ensure system compilation is disabled.