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About Nursery Decals and More

We are a small company located in Allen, TX.  Everything we sell is designed by us and made by us ... in the USA.  We have spent a lot of time determining which material is the best to use.  You will notice that we only print on repositionable fabric decal material.  Vinyl is much cheaper so why would we choose not to offer it?  There are several reasons why.  Probably the best reason is because PRINTED vinyl (not solid color vinyl) tends to curl and does not stick to textured walls as well as fabric.  In addition you can't reposition it so it isn't as user friendly and it almost always requires masking to apply to the wall because it is not simply peel and stick.  Fabric on the other hand works well on textured walls, never curls, doesn't stretch, it is reusable/repositionable, and you simply peel it off the paper and stick to the wall.  With all this in mind why would we ever want to offer an inferior product?  

When you buy from us you can rest confident knowing that we use the best material, have great prices, and a fast shipping time.  We understand that customers often want to customize decals with their colors.  This is why we searched for the best solution.  Once we found that solution we didn't hesitate in having the Color My Decal program designed.  We offer more customization that you can see instantly than any other decal provider.  By giving you an instant preview, you essentially become the designer.

We look forward to continually adding to our designs for years to come.

Cherie Alexander