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1.  Will you ship internationally?

USPS now offers tracking for some international packages.  Due to this change we now ship internationally to the following countries: Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Estonia, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Australia.  If your country is not mentioned in this list we do not ship there due to issues with tracking.

2.  Can I exchange one animal for a different animal?

Sorry but the animals are printed in a set which is not easy to change. We do have some animals listed individually. If you don’t see what you want then we don’t have it at the moment. We will list more items as we have the time to do so.

3. I’d like to buy this decal but I want don’t want the flowers - OR - I don’t want the birds, how much cheaper will it be without them.

I’m sorry but we don’t have the time to create every possible combination of a decal. We will consider it for a future listing but currently are not adding more variations.

4. I’d like to add an extra branch with leaves, or extra flowers, etc to the decal; how much will this cost?

We have several small add-on items sold separately. If you don’t see what you want there then we don’t carry it at the moment.

5. Can I buy one monkey or can I buy one giraffe, etc?

You can look at our smaller sets of animals to see what we offer. Any decal we create has to utilize the width of the roll of material. As a result some animals will never be sold as a single item.

6. Can you make the tree shorter? or can you make it taller?

You can easily cut length off the bottom of the trunk to make a tree shorter. If you are buying a vinyl tree then we will be glad to add a piece of the same colored vinyl for free to add to the bottom of the trunk but it will be your responsibility to cut it to the desired shape and length.

7. Can you cut a mirror image of the extra branch so that I can extend from an opposite wall - OR - can I buy the tree without the extra branch?

The tree and branch are cut together and so they cannot be separated from one another. We don’t offer a mirrored version of the tree/branch. However you can easily rotate the extra branch 180 deg to extend from the opposite wall and it looks fine either way.

8. Can I customize more areas on the decal than the Color My Decal previewer will allow?

Sorry but we have to put some limits on customization. We try to make decals that can have lots of options but we have to group items together to reduce the number of colors to keep track of.

9. What if I picked the wrong color or the shade of color I received is not what it looked like on my computer screen - will you send me a new decal, allow me to exchange it, or give me a refund?

The answer is no. We provide a pdf of the color chart in CMYK colors. You can print these off using a decent inkjet printer and have a good idea of what the color will look like printed. Please note that you cannot print the preview image for an exact color as it consists of RGB colors rather than CMYK. While RGB is close enough to allow you to visualize your color choices together it is usually a little more vibrant than a CMYK color. We can't guarantee an exact hue regardless. In addition, custom colored decals will not be accepted for returns or exchanges. We invested in the Color My Decal program to help eliminate problems where people choose a decal color that fades into their wall color or a customer puts several colors together and then isn't happy with the look when they receive it. We are not responsible for your color choices. We only accept returns or exchanges on STOCK decals.